Parent and Family Orientation

IgnitionParent and Family Orientation Sessions are designed to address matters of particular interest to parents, guardians, or other family members who are supporting their student's transition to college.

The Parent and Family Orientation fee (per person) includes materials, lunch with your student as well as presentations designed to assist with the transition to KSU for the parent/family member. You'll also receive on-going digital communications from the Parent and Family Programs office to keep you involved, informed and invested here at KSU!

For Parent and Family Orientation sessions for students enrolling in the Spring 2020 semester, this fee also includes a benefit discount card as well as an individual membership to Kennesaw State University's Parent and Family Association. You'll hear all about these great benefits at your orientation session!

If your student is enrolling at Kennesaw State University for Spring 2020, make sure you sign up today for a Parent and Family Orientation. Slots fill quickly! Use the link below to sign up for your session.

If your student has been admitted for Fall 2020 semester, please make sure you create your profile on We will be updating you on opportunities for your orientation sessions as they become available. Dates of orientation sessions will be available soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions for Parent & Family Orientation 

  • No, but it is highly recommended for the family member(s) who will be supporting the student through the initial transition to college and throughout the college experience. This day is designed to be full of information and provide access to resources that are top of mind for parents, guardians, or other family members who serve in this role to a student. It is not well designed or suited for young children because there is a lot of sitting and listening to information that is most pertinent to those in a role with the student of support and guidance. 

  • The Parent and Family Orientation is a separate program that is designed for parents or family members of students, and therefore will offer different programming throughout the day than what the student will experience. We will have numerous "check-in" points throughout the day for you to meet up with your student and to share information that you have learned. 


  • A full day session, offered only to incoming first-year students and their families, is designed to provide the student with a traditional one day orientation experience with all the information and experiences to prepare for transitioning to college. Families who attend a full day session with their student can expect a long day, about 7am-5pm, full of information and a lot of interactions with campus resources, student leaders, and our staff.

    Express sessions, designed for transfer students and their families, as well as first-year students and their families who cannot take an entire day to spend at orientation, are condensed versions of the full day sessions. This means that students who choose an express session will need to seek out some of the information on their own and will also receive the opportunity to attend the NOW Event (New Owl Welcome) before school starts in August to receive more information. Families who attend an express session will receive most of the information provided to families on a full day but may need to plan some time in their day to visit campus offices like Financial Aid and Residence Life. Express days are only about three and a half hours long for families and guests.

    No matter which session family members attend, they will receive the same information from Parent and Family Programs, as well as an advising and course registration overview, information from campus resources like dining and other campus services, and the opportunity to hear from faculty and student support staff. A meal is included with all participant enrollments, whether full or express day.

  • Students can sign up whomever they like to attend Parent and Family Orientation for the $50 per person fee but they must understand that no matter what the relationship to the student, a student's enrolled guest(s) cannot attend the session with the student. They will need to stay for parent and family sessions which are intended for and designed to suit those parents, guardians, or other family members who serve in a support and guidance role with the student. We encourage students to bring their support system but to understand that their support system will be attending a different program than them that is not always physically in the same place. 

  • There are a handful of reasons, many of which come down to space. Each facility on campus has space limitations which we can't exceed per fire marshal regulations. Each student's family may be of different sizes and needs and therefore we do not restrict or manage the number of guests a student may bring. If you would like to attend orientation with your student, we recommend signing up for Parent and Family Orientation as soon as possible.

    Space, along with other policies also make it impossible for parents, siblings, friends, or significant others to tag along to the student only activities that occur during orientation days. Parent and Family Programs has planned a number of informative and interactive activities for you, or we welcome you to enjoy some of the campus amenities, but joining students during the student only activities will not be permitted.

  • Parent and Family Orientation includes all the information and resources made available at orientation, follow up information, and a meal in the dining hall. Each person who attends Parent and Family Orientation for students enrolling in the Spring 2020 semester will also receive a membership to the Parent and Family Association (PFA) which provides a host of benefits viewable HERE, most importantly providing a constant connection to KSU through information and communications that are exclusive to you as a member of the PFA. 

    For those with a verifiable financial need, we offered a fee waiver to waive Parent and Family Orientation fee (this did NOT waive students' fees). The deadline to submit a fee waiver request form is Friday, November 1st 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

  • Parent and Family Orientation is not well designed for siblings, especially small children, and space is very limited so we ask that you make other child care arrangements.

    If you have further questions about this policy, please email

  • You can always email us at or call 470-578-6367. We will also be posting information about orientation sessions on our online portal at

  • Mobility accommodations: We cannot provide a wheelchair for use during the session. If you have mobility needs and reach out to us at at least one week prior to the session we can work with you to see how we can help. If we do not know about the need in advance, our ability to help on the day of the session decreases, but we will always do everything we can to assist. Anyone with a vehicle with a registered placard to park in Accessible Parking spots is welcome to park in any of these spots on campus and may park in the lots closest to the buildings that programming takes place in for the best access to the buildings.


    Language accommodations: If a guest is attending who does not speak English we welcome them warmly but want to be transparent about what we are able to provide. All the sessions will be spoken in English and we unfortunately do not have the resources to have translation of the spoken sessions. However, if we know in advance about a guest's needs we will do our best to find a someone who speaks the language to spend the day with the guest and help them through the day and the information. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to make this happen but we will do our very best. If a guest attends and we don't have a translator available, the student and guest will still have to separate for portions of the day.

    One suggestion we have is to bring a friend or family member to serve as the translator for the parents or guests who do not speak English. If this is something you would like to do, please reach out to us at before signing up for Parent and Family Orientation and we will help you with this sign up process.


    Whatever a family member's needs, we want to welcome them with open arms to the KSU Community. To help us with this goal, please contact us at least two weeks in advance of sessions if there are any special accommodations you need so we can be able to best serve. If we learn of a need during check in, at the orientation session, we are limited in our resources. However, if we know in advance we can usually come up with a plan for everyone to have a great experience!